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Offering innovative solutions that help clients manage their entire marketing initiatives seamlessly; from creation to sourcing, to warehousing and distribution, we provide the most cost-effective, reliable, and the highest standard of marketing support.

We have been customising solutions that cater to each client’s specific needs for over six years. This has led us to create and implement ground-breaking strategies that promote visibility and streamline the entire print production process. We also develop tools that help organisations effectively produce, manage, and distribute collaterals that drive their marketing initiatives such as the Virtual Agency, and the online print ordering and fulfilment portals.

Based in Singapore, we serve more than 14 countries across the region. We are powered by a passionate in-house team of strategists, planners, technology developers, and logistics experts, and ably supported by in-country operations and the production management teams of our offices in China, India, Japan, Korea, and Australia.


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Paul Fitzsimmons Account Director MCS Australia

Paul has 20 years of extensive experience in client-vendor management, business development, quality assurance, and marketing communications in corporations, consultancy groups, and marketing agencies across Europe and Australasia.

He joined MCS in 2006, working in accounts management and client servicing in various countries. Currently the Account Director and Acting National Representative of MCS Australia, Paul’s passion and focus for personalised service has helped the company establish solid relationships with clients like HP, Lenovo, Seagate, SanDisk and Disney.

Paul graduated in 1990 from the University of Huddersfield in England, with a BA (Honours) Degree in Business Studies, specialising in Marketing.

Kevin McGregor General Manager MCS APJ

Kevin has over 18 years experience in print, print management and the creative media sector, having previously worked on consulting assignments and various business process outsourcing projects throughout the world. A PMP qualified professional, Kevin has successfully implemented global projects requiring online catalogue and technical print ordering platforms for clients such as ExxonMobil, Intel and HP. 

Initially relocating from the UK to Asia on a 2 year assignment to establish a regional infrastructure and operations for a print and creative media company, Kevin has now been based in Singapore since 2009. Experienced in media and business support operations, sales, business development and cross border staff & vendor management, Kevin joined MCS as General Manager Asia Pacific, with operational responsibility for the regional infrastructure of offices under the ICG Group of companies.

Charlene Chiou Business Manager MCS Taiwan

Charlene’s professional expertise ranges from marketing to public relations, print management, event promotions and strategic communications services for private, government, and non-government institutions.

She joined PMG Taiwan as Account Manager in November 2007, and has been MCS Taiwan’s Business Manager since 2010. An intuitive understanding of clients’ needs has enabled Charlene and her team to provide customised print solutions that consistently exceed expectations.

Charlene graduated in 2001 from the Chinese Culture University with a Master’s Degree in Journalism and Communications.

Kazu Watanabe General Manager MCS Japan

Kazu’s expertise range from sales and strategic marketing to management. He has worked in various industries such as business process outsourcing, tourism, information technology, and general trading, consistently optimising company productivity and performance, and significantly increasing revenue in each role.

Excited by the possibilities of working for a uniquely structured marketing company, he joined MCS in 2006. His key responsibilities include the creation of regional marketing programmes and localising these to suit the needs of the Japanese market, as well as overseeing strategic business planning and new business development. Kazu initiated the launch of a regional print management programme, which has since become the company’s core business.

He graduated in 1986 from Dokkyo University, Japan, with a BA Degree in Economics.

Jaeil Chung Operations Manager MCS Korea

Trained in Visual Design, Jaeil took on challenging project management roles in creative agencies early on in his career, focusing mainly on BTL campaigns for clients such as HP. His in-depth understanding of client requirements has enabled his team to conceptualise and create campaigns that have consistently exceeded expectations.

He joined MCS Korea in 2006 and introduced the HP Smart Print Programme— the software application which allows users to print selected website content. This programme reduced costs on ink and paper, and was the first of its kind in the country.

Jaeil graduated from the Cheong-Ju University in 2000.

Sandy Wang Business Director MCS China

Sandy has been in the printing industry for over a decade, working in various areas of the business, from established printing methods to new and innovative technologies.

Sandy joined MCS in 2007 and has grown along with the company. Starting out with PMG’s production department, he then moved to MCS as Business Manager. He is now the Business Director for MCS China. He oversees business development and client relations in this huge, emerging market where providing the most suitable solutions to specific client requirements with quick turn-around times is the main priority.

Sandy graduated in 1998 from the Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication with a degree in Information Technology Management.

Sandeep Dhodi Account Manager MCS India

Sandeep started his career as a sales executive for the special publications division of Tata Infomedia. He then moved to client servicing for an events management company, handling accounts such as Tony & Guy, Canon and Microsoft.

Working as an Associate Account Manager for one of ICG’s brands led to an opportunity to drive MCS India’s growth in 2007. As Account Manager, Sandeep is in charge of client relations and day-to-day business operations. He takes pride in MCS India’s passion for innovation and unique business module, which has set the bar for print production solutions in the country.

Sandeep graduated from Delhi University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. He also has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Marketing from YMCA, New Delhi and an Executive MBA in Retail Marketing from Sikkim Manipal University.

Peter Neo Business Manager MCS Singapore

Peter began his career in graphic arts in the mid 90s, specialising in densitometry and colour management solutions. He then forayed into business development and operations management, working mainly with clients in the technology industry. Handling sales and business management, Peter helped his clients re-engineer business processes and oversaw the implementation of supply chain management, manufacturing, logistics, eCommerce, and financial payment systems. Through the years, he has witnessed printing evolve into the technology-driven industry that it is today.

Peter joined MCS Singapore in 2010 and was tasked to lead its business development initiatives. Also overseeing operations in Singapore, he is in charge of globalisation, print management and logistics, ably supported by a team just as passionate about the business as he is.

Seamless execution and a wide implementation are key factors to creating high impact marketing initiatives. This is especially so in Asia, where the languages spoken and understood are so diverse. We help our clients achieve this result with dependable translation and transcreation support through our technology platforms and an extensive network of translation and interpretation experts across the region.

Transcreation, Adaptation and Interpretation
Linguistics remains one of our cornerstone offers. With a vast presence in Asia, coupled with a local workforce in every country we operate in, we are able to offer our clients local expertise and knowledge in the areas of translation, transcreation (creative translations) and interpretation, which cover a broad spectrum of the most widely used languages in Asia.

Translation work is done using MCS process management tools and the Trados translation memory system. For interpretation, our pool of astute and professional interpreters is lauded by our clients worldwide. To render a one stop service, we also provide simultaneous interpretation equipment and set up interpreter booths when mass interpretation is required for large scale events.

Aiming to provide customers the most cost-effective print fulfilment solutions, we established a printing process which has the combined advantages of the centralised, decentralised and hub-based printing approaches across 14 countries in the Asia Pacific.

Doing this, we ensure the consistency and high quality of our clients’ marketing collaterals as we help them save on printing costs, pay less in shipments and tariffs, and achieve optimum print production returns.

We provide production and sourcing capabilities, which is among our core competencies. We offer services that go beyond the traditional areas of print production. This includes web-enabled facilities such as Digital Asset Management (DAM), and web-to-print solutions which allow dynamic editing and variable data printing. Working with us, our clients are assured that their marketing collaterals supply chain is optimised.

Virtual Agency
Virtual Agency (VA) is a proprietary online technology platform we developed and manage. It is a platform whereby all stakeholders (client, Agency of Record, Print Service Providers, Logistic Service Providers and our team) communicate print and distribution requirements and quotations.

The VA hosts the database of Print Service Providers (PSP) pre-approved by our clients, based on stringent criteria. The price matrices submitted by the qualified pool of PSPs are uploaded on the VA and are subject to semi-annual reviews.

A web-based ordering and fulfilment tool, VA helps procurement, marketing, and marcom managers manage their entire marketing collateral supply chain seamlessly, across multiple locations and time zones. Comprised of several modules, the web-based solution provides an end-to-end print production, ordering, and fulfilment process.

The Virtual Agency has the basic English system, and has been localised to Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Virtual Print Manager
The Virtual Print Manager (VPM) application has a solution for every conceivable interaction you may have with your customer, ranging from corporate storefronts, job submission, retail sites, online design, to variable data printing. It provides a platform which offers print providers and marketers a fully-integrated solution that can be deployed quickly.

It is a single integrated platform covering web-to-print storefronts, job submission variable data, cross-media, and retail portals. VPM provides support for the management of co-marketing dollars and spending limits. Corporate identity and branding is protected by consistent use of logos, typefaces, and predetermined design layouts.

We empower our clients by enabling them to manage their marketing initiatives efficiently. With the support of trusted suppliers across the region, we provide the soundest logistics solutions. We handle delivery, warehousing, premium fulfilment, and marketing materials management solutions at competitive prices.

Our range of delivery services covers air and sea freight. This is augmented by express parcel services for fast, overnight deliveries and local in-country trucking services to reach rural and inland areas. With our years of experience in the industry, we’ve acquired the expertise in clearing even the most difficult cargo at challenging customs destinations while allowing our clients to easily track and trace the whereabouts of their consignment.

CM2 Advantage
Collateral and Merchandise Management (CM2 Advantage) is a web-based ordering and fulfilment tool which provides an end-to-end ordering and fulfilment process that allows the user to:

  • Make a query
  • Place an order
  • Make payments online (if necessary)
  • Check stock levels in the warehouse
  • Track a shipment
  • Report on past activities

The process is done seamlessly and remotely, across multiple locations and time zones. This system can be tied to the Virtual Agency Solution (VA) for all the collaterals, print optimisation/production, and warehousing management.

From the conceptualisation and design of the exhibition space to actual assembly on site, MCS takes care of all our clients merchandising needs. We ensure that the designs fit in and work from a logistical point of view.

To this end, we provide a range of services that include

  • Design and Production
  • Logistics, Assembly and Maintenance of the free standing POS display stands
    • We will be responsible for making sure that the investment in the POS display stands are profitable by ensuring correct assembly and optimal location within the assigned display space’s hot spot.
    • MCS will develop an optimal logistics plan which will leverage on the transport and storing resources and guarantee a hasty response to any necessity.
  • Store auditing
    • We offer first-hand information about what is happening at each point of sale. We will improve people's awareness of your brand or product's presence at the point of sale and find out who and where your competition is. We carry out the following operations:
      • Price checks
      • Store checks
      • Mystery shopping
      • Service audits
      • Inventories
  • Visual Merchandising and Window Dressing
  • Assembly and Decoration of promotional spaces
    • We are responsible for the setup and decoration of gondolas, promotional islands and trade fair stands. We also decorate window displays, corners and shops in shops, among others.

Our Clients

Global IT MNC with a large presence
in Asia Pacific and Japan.

By customising a virtual agency for this client, we have provided them a centrally-managed platform that promoted total visibility and gave them control on costs, reducing expenditures on their print collateral requirements by 20 per cent.

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Global PC/Server manufacturer in China.

We streamlined this client’s marketing logistics with a centralised warehousing strategy. This enabled them to effectively cover more than 300 cities through an efficient pool of distribution networks, and support their road shows in 25 cities by deploying various shipping methods.

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Pioneer in hard disk drive manufacturing.

By developing a web-based ordering and fulfilment tool, we helped propel the client’s partner programme forward by providing their partners 24x7 access to collaterals, premiums, demonstration equipment, and staging POPs via the use of an online portal.

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Global IT MNC

This client is recognised worldwide as a technology solutions provider for consumers, businesses, and institutions. Their innovations span across IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services and imaging, and printing for consumers, enterprises, and small and medium businesses. The breath of solutions and services delivered by this client is complemented by extensive regional marketing efforts.

They required an entity to manage their content, which included marketing collaterals, point of sales materials (POSMs), direct mailers, and premiums. On top of these, they needed to produce annual marketing essentials such as planners and desktop calendars. We stepped up the plate and were appointed as their Print Management Vendor for the Asia Pacific region in March 2006. We were tasked to ensure that the quality, price and delivery schedules of print materials and premiums matched the client’s objectives.

We customised the Virtual Agency (VA), giving the client a centrally-managed platform that brought together all stakeholders – the client, their creative agencies, print service providers, and logistics support. The VA managed all print requests and quotations online.

We started supporting local and regional print management requirements for their operations in China and India in November 2007. Their Japan office also followed suit during that time, appointing us not only in print, but also in managing logistics and warehousing as well. In July 2008, our responsibilities expanded to providing print management services to Korea. All VA versions for this client have been localised to Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.

Since it engaged our services, the client has seen at least 30 per cent initial savings in its print management processes. On the average, they save 20 per cent on their print collateral requirements.

To keep up with demanding timelines, we also determined a combination of shipment options to ensure the delivery of collateral and premiums within the predetermined deadline. Semi-annual reviews of the print and logistics service providers are also in place to ensure the service quality.

"We started supporting local and regional print management requirements for their operations in China and India in November 2007."

PC/Server Manufacturer in China

Our client was faced with the challenge to logistically manage materials for their marketing efforts in mainland China, the largest country in Asia. Managing and keeping track of its logistical needs is an arduous task.

In 2007, this client appointed us to manage all of their marketing materials for the mainland. Our solution was to house our client’s demo equipment, stage props, POSMs, collaterals and merchandise at a central warehousing facility in Beijing.

Our distribution network managed to cover more than 300 cities in the mainland, including those in remote locations. This translated to the efficient distribution of collaterals to over 1,000 retail stores across China. We received over 1,500 orders to various destinations each month, and deployed various shipping methods to support our client’s road shows.

As the event moved from one location to another in at least 25 cities, we were there to provide all their logistics needs.

"Our distribution network managed to cover more than 300 cities in the mainland, including those in remote locations."

Effective Order Fulfilment for a Hard Disk Drive Pioneer/Manufacturer

With more than 30 years of expertise, our client is a leading innovator of digital storage solutions for home computing and enterprise data centre needs.

They have also established a partner reseller programme, designed to help their partners in their marketing efforts. The programme aims to increase partner satisfaction and improve their return on investment while rewarding them for reaching their sales targets.

We were selected by this client to manage their marketing materials and spearhead their fulfilment and distribution efforts. We developed our own web-based ordering and fulfilment tool, providing the client 24x7 access to address their marketing needs, which included collaterals, premiums, demonstration equipment, and staging POPs. The ordering portal was composed of functionalities such as:

  • Marketing Manager Module
    Manages orders from end-users, while providing access to detailed delivery fees and inventory information. The system sends pre-set alerts for requests.

  • End User Module
    Allows online checking of stocks, placement of orders, report viewing and email alerts for orders.

  • Approver Module
    Allows the appointed approver to amend order quantities, update order status and shipping information.

  • Logistics Specialist Module
    Facilitates stock maintenance, retrieval of orders, and updates on order status and shipping information.

  • System Administration Module
    Allows the administrator to maintain the database, user IDs, and reports, as well as update freight rates.

With our warehouse facilities, we have fulfilled collateral, premium, demonstration equipment and staging POPs orders to countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, India, and Vietnam.

Some of the successful projects we have managed, on behalf of this client, include a partner programme kit where we collated and distributed premium items including purses, travellers’ documents, plaques, and certificates.

We also managed a database of their order handling and fulfilment of premiums at their e-Store, and delivered these across the region through our wide distribution network. Our client allowed their partners to accumulate points, which can then be used at the e-Store. Partners can get various marketing tools and collaterals to help boost their respective sales of our client’s storage solutions.

"With our warehouse facilities, we have fulfilled collateral, premium, demonstration equipment and staging POPs orders to countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, India, and Vietnam."


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